Books and exercises are essential for learning a language. But you shouldn’t stick only to that! Our teaching way goes beyond, using interactive classes with videos, music, games and classes on different places. We stimulate written, oral, and cultural learning. We work Portuguese’s structure mainly by use.

We also have customizes exercises according to the student’s needs and native language. And we’re not charging for them!

Our classes go from basic to advanced for all ages. They can be taught individually (whether at home or office) or for groups.


  • Daily Scenarios

    What to say on several scenarios, like bank, drugstore etc…

  • Conversation

    Correct pronounce and common expressions.

  • Culture

    Typical food, Music etc.

  • Grammar

    Morphology, Syntax, Semantics…

  • Vocabulary

    Adjectives, Food, Parts of the Body etc.

Dynamic classes with:

  • Brazilian Culinary
  • Dialogs
  • Exercises
  • Illustrated Workbooks
  • Games
  • Videos

And much more!

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